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Subsidy for Culture and International Exchange Promotional Projects


The purpose of the subsidy shall be to partially provide cultural/international exchange projects which are anchored by city residents, etc. with necessary expenses in promoting culture and international exchange.


The definition of terms shall be as follows:

(1) city residents, etc.: a group of people which consists of city residents or those who work or study in Chuo City.
(2) cultural/international exchange promotional project: a project whose purpose is to contribute to the promotion of culture and international exchange in Chuo City on a popular-level.

Eligibility, etc.

City residents, etc. who are trying to achieve the above-mentioned purpose shall be subsidized for the following expenses among the necessary expenses for the project:

(1) Cultural Projects
(2) International Exchange Projects

Amount of Subsidy

The amount of subsidy shall be under one-half of the necessary expenses for the project (if a calculated amount has a fraction below 1,000 yen, it will be rounded up).
For a time, the above amount will have the following limits, and subsidy shall be given within these limits:

(1) Cultural Projects Subsidy 100,000 yen per project
(2) International Exchange Projects Subsidy 100,000 yen per project

Subsidy Application, etc.

Please consult CCIEA in advance if you wish to receive subsidy.

Contact Information

Chuo Cultural and International Exchange Association /CCIEA

Shintomi Annex 3rd fl. 1-13-24 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 〒104-0041

TEL:03-3297-0251 FAX:03-3297-0253 E-mail: bunkoku@chuo-ci.jp


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