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International Exchange Party

International Exchange Party is an annual event thriving with volunteers’ help. In this event, we introduce both Japanese and Foreign cultures to promote mutual understanding between Japanese and foreigners living, working or studying in Chuo City.

25th Chuo City International Exchange Party

Date & Time: Sat. 18, Nov. 12:00~16:00
Venue: Tsukiji Shakai Kyoiku Kaikan (Tsukiji Social Education Center)
Admission: Free

This event has finished. Thank you very much for joining us.

Please come and experience Japanese traditional culture such as Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement, Russian and Japanese foods, and Sri Lankan milk tea and Sari dressing! Let’s all dance Japanese Bon Dance, Russian Dance and Salsa Dance! For more information about the access map, the floor guide, etc., please see the flyer.

*The schedule of “Dance Hall” in the flyer is changed as below.

★13:10 ロシア舞踊 / Russian Dance

★14:00 盆踊り / Japanese Bon Dance

★14:50 サルサ / Salsa Dance




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