We provide places that help people become familiar with the traditional culture and art associated with Chuo City, as well as for international exchange among residents.

Chuo Cultural and International Exchange Association (CCIEA) was established in 1991 to host cultural events which familiarize the culture and art of Chuo City and also to promote international exchange events through cooperation with our volunteers. Nowadays, Japanese language classes and International Exchange Salon, etc. are held.


2017/4/25 UP
International Exchange Salon “Let’s enjoy Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) !”

International Exchange Salon provides you with the opportunity of communication between foreigners and Japanese. Let’s enjoy free and open communication through making wagashi with professional confectioners of Eitaro. They will also talk about wagashi. Please come and join us with your family or friends!

Date: May 20 (Sat.) 13:30-15:30
Place: Work Room, Women’s Center (4th floor)
*Pre-registration required

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2012/11/28 UP

A Japanese-English interpreter will help you to complete administrative procedures at Chuo City Office.

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