Provide those who live or work in Chuo City with opportunity to enjoy music that is easy to listen to.

Lectures on Culture

Host lectures by professionals to have people deepen their understanding of the cultures and history related to Chuo City.

Lectures on Arts

NHK and CCIEA co-host seminars related to the exhibition which is being held about four times a year.

Traditional Performing Arts

Hold viewings of traditional performing arts planned and created by the “Chuo City Traditional Performing Arts Group”, such as Buyo and Joruri, which are deeply related to Chuo City. The “Chuo City Classical Performing Arts Group” consists of classical performing arts performers who mainly perform in Chuo City.

Chuo City Cultural Promotion Grant Program

中央区文化事業助成To further promote cultural activities in Chuo City, we are supporting cultural activities of our residents and other relevant people, and provide a grant for part of the expenses necessary for the programs.

Marugoto Museum

Co-hosted by Chuo City. Tour the city by bus or boat, and participate in various cultural events held in different places throughout the city.

International Exchange Party

International Exchange Party is an annual event thriving with volunteers’ help. In this event, we introduce both Japanese and Foreign cultures to promote mutual understanding between Japanese and foreigners living, working or studying in Chuo City.

International Exchange Salon

With planning and management by volunteers, provide foreigners and Japanese people with opportunities 11 times a year to socialize in a friendly environment.

Japanese Language Classes

In order to assist foreigners who live, work, or study in Chuo City and have difficulty in communicating in Japanese, there are Japanese language classes by volunteer instructors and exchange events with other learners. In addition, there is assistance provided by volunteers to accommodate the increasing number of participants and diversifying needs.

Training program for Japanese language instructors

Train volunteer instructors to teach Japanese to foreigners who live or work in the city.

Step-up Lectures for Japanese language instructors

Held to improve Japanese teaching skills of volunteers.

Photo Exhibition for Friendly Relations with Sister City, Sutherland Shire

To promote exchange and friendship with the sister city, Sutherland Shire, Australia, host an exhibition of exchanged photos which introduce life, scenery, and events.

Chuo City International Exchange Promotion Grant Program

To promote the programs that we offer, we are supporting international exchange programs carried out mainly by our residents, and provide a grant for part of the expenses necessary for the programs.