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Those who are having a hard time making friends because you hardly speak Japanese…
Those who are having troubles because you don’t know the basic rules and customs in Japan…
Those who want to make friends with people from overseas living in Japan…
Why don’t you come to our class and enjoy learning Japanese together?
We hope you enjoy various activities with your classmates, such as classmates’ birthdays, Japanese festivals and celebrations, events of your country, introduction of different cultures, and others!

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Details of Classes

Eligibility Foreigners who live, work, or go to school in Chuo City.
Day and Time  Tuesday(3 times a month) from 19:00~20:30     Class Schedule
Location Shintomi Community Hall

Level Beginner to Intermediate (Regarding levels, Please contact us.)
Fees Tuition is free. (Textbook fee will be added as necessary.)
Textbooks Textbooks made by us (free) / “Minna no Nihongo Beginner” / available based on levels and requests
How to Apply Please contact us by e-mail.
※We can’t accept new learners now. 
Application Information