にこにこ日本語“NIKO NIKO” means “with a smile” in English and “笑嬉嬉” in Chinese. We named the class “NIKO NIKO NIHONGO” in the hopes that foreigners can enjoy learning Japanese and leave the classroom with a smile after a lecture. At NIKO NIKO NIHONGO class, we teach Japanese necessary for living in Japan and useful at school and work.
にこにこ日本語In addition to learning through “reading and writing” in Japanese, we also incorporate learning through “listening and speaking” by having students give a brief speech. Listening to the stories of people from different countries is really fun. Furthermore, we sometimes introduce Japanese events as well as Japanese food culture.

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Details of Classes

Eligibility Foreigners who live, work, or go to school in Chuo City.
Day and Time Thursday (3 times a month) from 19:00 to 20:30



Location Tsukuda Community Hall

Level Any skill level is welcome.
Fees 100 yen each and every time
Textbooks “Minna no Nihongo” / available based on your levels and requests
How to Apply Please contact us by E-mail. Then we will inform you of the schedule. 
Application Information