May 2022 International Exchange Salon ~Nutritious natural superfood from the sea~ Let’s learn about “Nori”!

CCIEA “International Exchange Salon” provides you with a chance of communication between foreigners and Japanese every month. The theme in May is Japanese traditional food “Nori”.

Yamamoto Noriten, which has been specializing in premium-quality Nori for 174 years, will present the history of Nori and how to cook it tastily & enjoyably more, while making “Oritatami-Onigiri (folding rice-ball). Join us and let’s have a fun time together!

Date: May 21 (Sat) 2:00pm-4:00pm

Place: Women’s  Center  “Bouquet 21” 4F Work room (1-1-1 Minato, Chuo-ku)

■Advanced application is required

Please apply by email with the information below.

①Name  ②Address  ③Phone Number  ④Nationality  ⑤Age

(If you are a non-resident of Chuo City, please let us know whether you work or study in Chuo City )


* If you have a fever (over 37.5℃) or slight cold on the event day, please refrain from attending this event.

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